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Cisco Adds QWASI’s Contactless COVID-19 Solutions to Meraki Marketplace
Cisco Meraki Adds QWASI’s Contactless COVID-19 Solutions to Meraki Marketplace

CISCO announced Wednesday that QWASI be featured in Meraki Marketplace as a part of pandemic response with 3 main solutions addressing Contactless Patient and Employee Experiences for Hospitals, Customer Contactless Products for Manufacturing, and Contactless Event Virtualization that plug in Webex as well as other video conferencing apps.

Developed on QWASI’s patented mobile platform, the solutions create more engaging digital touchpoint meanwhile, creating safer environments for the public across all sectors.

Cisco Systems acquired Meraki in 2012, and today Cisco Meraki is a leader in cloud controlled WiFi, routing and security, all managed from a centralized dashboard.  The Meraki Marketplace is an exclusive catalog of Technology Partners like Phunware that showcases applications developed on top of the Meraki platform, allowing customers and partners to view, demo and deploy commercial solutions.



“Cisco Meraki enables thousands of customers across more than 100 countries worldwide, and we are proud to support them as a customer, meanwhile working with them to offer our solutions at scale in the Meraki Marketplace.  Now is an important time to offer technology solutions that meet immediate business needs, and simultaneously create COVID safe environments ” said QWASI CEO Leon Samuel in a statement.


Click here for QWASI’s COVID Safe Contactless listings in the Meraki Marketplace.


Key Features of QWASI’s Contactless Solutions Include:
* Transformation of digital and print signage to contactless engagement touch points.

* Upgrading physical objects for contactless engagement with two way communication and telemedicine.

* Contactless onboarding for event signup, product engagement, appointment scheduling, reminders, checkins, real time support and event management.


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