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Innovation Realized

At QWASI, we leverage technology to make communication smarter.

We understand that IoT (the Internet of Things) offers an infinite amount of data, and by triangulating data points in real time we can understand who people are and the context of their situations.  Utilizing IoT data with QWASI’s communication technology, we work with brands to design and deliver unique messaging to every individual.

Our Work

We work with brands who want to innovate and transform their customer communication through unique personalized experiences. By analyzing a customer’s communication history in real time we can determine intent, offer predictive communication, and deliver intelligent communication.

We empower top brands with messaging solutions like Emoji Purchasing, Loyalty Rewards, Customer Service Chat, Global Authentication, and companies across every sector.

Communication for Tomorrow

The only constant is change, and we believe that communication is no different.

Communication will continue to evolve and transform our lives.  From Facebook to Twitter, to WhatsApp, and Snapchat, to Uber and Amazon, the age of digital transformation is upon us and we are happy be your communication technology partner as we work together and innovate for tomorrow.

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