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“We’re now the fastest-growing restaurant company in the US, and we have been for the last few years now. Technology has been an important part of that. It’s made the brand more relevant and interesting, and people are paying attention to what we’re doing.” – J. Patrick Doyle, CEO at Domino’s Pizza


  • Facilitate ordering experience using mobile
  • Drive sales increase
  • Reduce business losses to competitors

Digital Transformation

  • Customers place orders anywhere at anytime
  • Were able to text pizza emoji 🍕 to start order via phone
  • Mobile marketing messages drove sales growth

Business Outcomes

  • 11% in sales growth YOY
  • Passed the 50% mark in digital orders
  • Ranked Top 5 companies in Digital Transactions

QWASI & Yes Lifecycle Marketing partnered to bring emoji purchasing and customer message management to a top pizza chain.

When client wanted to activate impulse purchasing with a simple one click to order experience, they turned to QWASI.

QWASI built an easy order activation allowing customers to set up order and communication preferences: Twitter, Watch, Car, TV, and text with an Emoji to activate a new order.

The pizza chain was made ordering easier, more efficient, and gleaned more insights from their customer viewing data across new communication channels.

In 2015, approximately 50% of the pizza chain’s US sales came from digital platforms, with more than half coming from mobile devices. Globally, they reached an estimated $4.7B in digital sales.

Domino’s “Anyware Suite”.