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“QWASI provides us with the opportunity to connect with our fans in an innovative way.”

Scott Donnelly, Sports Marketing Director @Fordham University

“Working with their staff is like working with members of our own team. They are not only passionate about our success, but also able to technically meet our needs as we move forward.”

QWASI Technology began working with Fordham University Athletics to increase fan engagement and sponsorship sales.  QWASI worked with the sports marketing and development teams to enhance fan experiences by offering real time communication with games updates before, during, and after games.

CHALLENGE: Build a Fan Database and Start Engaging Fans

When Fordham University wanted to enhance their fan engagement and increase sponsorship sales, they selected QWASI Innovation Labs. QWASI helped Fordham build up a fan database, and through the use of data insights increased fan acquisition by 500% year over year.

SOLUTION: Tap into QWASI Innovation Labs for Development

QWASI’s team worked closely with Fordham to build new points of acquisition, segment fan engagement based on persona to provide targeted offers for engaged fans.  QWASI developed customized opt-in forms that Fordham promoted online, in social, and during games, as well as game day giveaways to drive attendance.

Through a custom-developed portal, Fordham fans can sign up, log in, and update preferences at any time. From there, fans receive updates on their favorite teams, exclusive offers with Text to Win and Scratch off Mobile Lottery wins, and fun with Emoji Engagement.

QWASI not only delivered the fan engagement experience, but provided real time reporting for the sponsors who were investing in Fordham Athletics.  This increase in information enhanced the college sponsor relationship and helped to build stronger audience engagement with increased revenue to the college.

RESULTS: Greater Fan Engagement and Better ROI Reporting for Sponsors

By selecting QWASI to create its digital fan engagement strategy, Fordham University was successful in developing a deeper knowledge of its fan base and building brand loyalty. The opt-in form captured key demographic data included type of fan, and which type of sports they were interested in.  The data helped Fordham continue to build its sponsorship strategy and refine elements of the program for greater ROI.